Support Request Form

Submitting a Support Request Form Electronically

To resolve your support requests in the most expedient way possible it is important that you think about your question and provide as much information as possible utilizing the brokerWOLF Customer Support Request Form (SRF).  Think about utilizing the W5 method (who, what, where, when, why); a detailed request will assist us with resolving your ticket on our first response! 


Go to the HELP drop-down menu within the brokerWOLF System and click Support Request Form from the list. This will bring up the form which will automatically fill in all the company contact information. Fill in the menu option you are inquiring about.


Some important things to remember when submitting your brokerWOLF Support Request Form are:


Program Enhancement – We appreciate your ideas to improve our programs and this is how you can submit them.  We will submit your ideas to our development team through our Opportunity for Program Enhancement program (OPE).


Issue Resolution – This is utilized when reporting a challenge or requesting assistance with a question about your program.  This is the default setting for the SRF.


Urgent:  Please indicate that your request is Urgent when it has a significant impact on your business.  Let us know in the ticket description if you are under a business deadline, ie. payroll, franchise reporting deadline, etc.. or, if an auditor or other third party* is in your office.  Otherwise, we will prioritize your request along with the other open requests flagged as Urgent.  *Note: It is always best to contact us prior to a scheduled visit so we can provide you with any recommendations to prepare. 


For system critical requests (ie. system down), please contact our support department via telephone at 1-866-279-9653 (1-866-CRY-WOLF). 


Data to Include: It is very important to include any data applicable to your Support Request.  Select the type of data you want to include, after you have this selected a new button will appear to allow you to get the data from a multi-select menu. You will be prompted with the available info to send, highlight the items you wish to include and click Continue. You can select more than one item or type to send.



Describe the Question or Issue:  If you can describe the question and/or symptoms, this will expedite the troubleshooting process, as we do not need to guess.  Many times we get a SRF with files attached and no description of the challenge, or vice-versa. It is very important to be as specific as possible. Our specialists want to give you the right solution, so, the better we understand your question, the better we are able to resolve it!


Any other factors….: sometimes information may seem irrelevant, however if you have recently installed new anti-virus software, had a lightning storm, or added new hardware; that may help explain how your program may be functioning. 


What happens next..: Once you have filled out the Support Request Form, and clicked the E-mail button, the system will generate an attachment with the selected data to e-mail to  You will have an opportunity before it is sent to manually attach any other pertinent data, ie. other PDF reports that are relevant to your request. 


After the e-mail has been sent, your support request will be automatically logged into our internal database and you will be provided with a Ticket number for your reference.  You can also review any e-mails you have sent in the Review Messages option (T.M.2).  If your system has not yet been setup for outgoing e-mail, your request will still be submitted to our ticketing system along with any attachments via the internet. 


The support department endeavours to answer Support Requests we prioritize to be non-urgent within 1-2 business days.  Urgent requests will be responded to within 1-8 business hours depending on the severity (not including holidays and weekends).  This process is quicker if we have all the information when your ticket is initially submitted.  If you do not receive a response within that time, please make sure to check your spam filter and feel free to check back with us on your ticket.